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Our Roots to Community

Aura is committed to community and cooperation! We love to support events, schools, health, wellness, farms and anyone else looking to create change in the world.  If you are interested in collaborating in any way, reach out to

*Co, from the Latin word com or cum, meaning together or with.

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SXSW 2019 Sponsor

We enjoyed sponsoring, vending and participating in this SXSW event at the Carver Museum in Austin, TX.  We had our famous 'gratitude' wall hung for people to write what they were grateful for.  


Our Daughter's Science Fair

Our daughther, Aria (pictured left), chose to feature our water for her science project in 2018. She took a beat from Dr. Emoto's work to assess whether water with love vs hate written on it would break the beaker in the freezer or not.  Cool stuff!

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Community Event at Ebenezer Baptist Church

We were happy vendors at this community event supporting children and community with fun activities, games and other Austin local vendors. 


Yoga on the Bluff

We took our hydration station out to Long Beach, California and sponsored this yoga event.  Breath, Hydrate and Elevate my friends!

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Unhoused Hydration Campaign

We gleefully sponspored this hydration campaign to our unhoused Austin community.  We intend to make this an ongoing campaign, along with supporting the work of getting our fellow humans housed!

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